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Princess Hamlet: Shay Alexis
Queen Claudius: Amor Owens
King Gertrude: Brandon Wilkinson
Ophelia: Benedettio Robinson
Polinus: Mary Gagliardi
Horatio: Emily Musgrove
Marcellus/Rosecrantz: Jared Borgess
King Player/Fortinbras Swing: Dee Jordan
Fortinbras/Ophelia Swing: Johnny Boddie
Laertes: Maria Barber
Bernardo/Guildenstern: Noelle Strong
Grave Digger/Osric/Queen Player: Abigale Mitchell

Performed In:

September 2016

In "Hamlet," Prince Hamlet of Denmark is devastated by the sudden death of his father, King Hamlet. Soon after, his mother, Queen Gertrude, marries his uncle, King Claudius, who assumes the throne. Haunted by his father's ghost, Hamlet learns that Claudius is responsible for his father's murder. Fueled by a desire for revenge, Hamlet sets out on a mission to expose Claudius and avenge his father's death. However, his journey is fraught with inner turmoil, indecision, and philosophical contemplation. As the plot unfolds, relationships crumble, secrets unravel, and tragedy befalls the characters, ultimately leading to a dramatic climax and the demise of many.

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