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Next To Normal


Diana: Mk Penley
Natalie: AnnaMaria Dvorak
Gabe: Dwight Leslie
Henry: Noah Oakley
Dan: Xavier Gibson
Dr. Fine & Dr. Madden: Evan McLean

Performed In:

April 2016

"Next to Normal" is a groundbreaking musical that delves into the complexities of mental illness and its impact on a suburban family. The story revolves around Diana Goodman, a mother struggling with bipolar disorder, and her family's attempts to cope with the challenges it presents.Through powerful music and emotionally charged scenes, the musical explores themes of grief, loss, love, and the pursuit of normalcy in the face of mental health struggles. It offers a raw and honest portrayal of the effects of mental illness on individuals and their relationships, showcasing both the pain and resilience that comes with living in the shadow of mental health issues."Next to Normal" takes the audience on a poignant and thought-provoking journey, shedding light on the often-taboo subject of mental health while emphasizing the importance of empathy, understanding, and the power of love in times of adversity.

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