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Native Son


Bigger: Dee Jordan
Mary: Shay Stewart
Mrs. Dalton/Agent: Marybeth Morrison
Jan/Store Owner/Police: Joshua Greenfield
Buddy/Clerk: Esosa Idahosa
Hannah: Tamica Wiley
The Black Rat: Rahshaun
Vera/Bessie: Malikah Mcherrin Cobb
Jan: Benedetto Robinson

Performed In:

April/May 2017

"Native Son" is a gripping stage adaptation of Richard Wright's novel, following the life of Bigger Thomas, an African American man in 1930s Chicago. Fueled by frustration and societal oppression, Bigger's actions lead to a tragic chain of events, forcing the audience to confront the enduring impact of racism and the complexities of identity in a powerful exploration of social justice.

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