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Gift of the Magi 2.0


Jim Dillingham: Dee Jordan
Della Dillingham: Della Dillingham
Robert Harvey: Emil Thomas
Millie Harvey: Karina Lake

Performed In:

November 2017

Set in Atlanta during the 1950 Atlanta Transit Strike, trolley driver Jim Dillingham finds out in the morning paper that the six-month strike has ended just in time for the holiday season. With Christmas right around the corner, laundress and wife, Della Dillingham has been saving every penny to have the perfect Christmas dinner for her husband Jim. On the other side of the bridge, Atlanta local business power couple Robert and Milly Harvey are living the finest of city life as their only struggle is the amount of traffic they must sit in on their way to the salon and jewelry shop. When the two couples’ lives collide, the true meaning of the holiday season is taught to each of them as they must individually and collectively all make a sacrifice.

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